Our Clients Say...

  • WTE puts together a program that is participant-focused and provides a wide range of experiences that I will never forget. The guides, accommodations, meals, sites and entire trip exceeded expectations. My deepest gratitude for all of the planning and careful attention to the details that made the trip so very special.
    Susan Vetrone
    Arts Devotee
  • We had such a good time in Cuba! WTE did a great job putting it together, our only complaint was too action-packed & too much good food. I loved the pace, since it was all such wonderful experiences there was very little that could have been cut out. We had V.I.P entrees to so many arts organizations & met fascinating artists, not to mention seeing all of the beautiful colonial historic sites. Count me in for the next adventure...
    Kelly Lyles
  • I have long wanted to visit Cuba and this excursion was the perfect way to do it. Just sit back, relax, eat great food, see the beauty, art & historical sights !
    Ron Hennig
  • Jitka Wong, with her cultural exchange tour company, WTE Inc., provides an exciting portal into challenging geographies. With Ms. Wong's help I have traveled to China in 2015 and to Cuba in 2017. Both trips were well planned and ran like clockwork. Ms. Wong is very proficient at arranging local guides and the logistics to keep the participants engaged with the culture and, most importantly, its people.
    Dan Gross
  • I highly recommend traveling with WTE. I have always planned my own trips, which is a lot of work. It was a little scary to give up control and let the pros do all the work. In the end, I LOVED it. WTE made it so incredibly easy. All I had to do was make sure my passport was current, send a check, fill out a few forms, and show up at the airport. All the planning (meals, tips, travel, hotel, entertainment, tours, ...) was taken care of 100%. I hope to travel again with WTE in the future.
    Carrie Wernick
  • I wanted to thank you for the excellent experience that you offered me during the Food Professionals Exchange to China in November. Your wonderful program enabled me learn about the Chinese culture and expand my culinary knowledge. In addition, this fabulous program awarded me the opportunity to enlarge my networking circle. As a result, I am now implementing what I learned during this program in my job. I feel that I can be more successful in my career using the techniques of the oriental cuisine. The approaches to high oriental gastronomy that the Chinese Chef use is unique and the way that you designed the program making every experience so intimate made a real difference. 
    Maricruz de Aza
  • "This Cuban adventure proved to be one of the best travel experiences I have had. Given the complexities of traveling in a "forbidden" land, I felt that I was able to understand, appreciate and enjoy this country and it's people without feeling unsafe or "herded" about here and there. Jitka's care and vigilance helped make the logistics run smoothly so that our only concern was to take it all in and enjoy." 
    Veronica Gross
    Watercolor Artist