Welcome! Open a window into the art & design heart of South Africa, where creativity is the cutting edge of a cultural revival. Escape the cold dark of your winter and explore South Africa's highlights, hidden gems and iconic sights in warm sunlight. Mingle with "must-see" local talent at the country's premier creative event, the Cape Town's 7th Annual Art Fair - a transcontinental platform showcasing Africa's vibrant contemporary art landscape. Enjoy privileged access, renowned art collections, and enlightening museums. And finally, get your adrenalin going with up-close encounters with the Big Five when you add-on a safari of a lifetime, thrilling your senses with wide horizons and untamed land.
Join us in South Africa!

Which Way To Your Muse?


Enjoy Opportunities To:

•  Meet South African luminary artists, trail blazers, local cognoscenti, and open-hearted owners offering privileged access to private collections. Experience first hand the opening festivities of Cape Town's 7th annual Arts Fair.

Stay in stylish hotels selected for charm and character, savor award winning food while chatting with your South African counterparts.

• Discover unexpected gems in handpicked places, delight in secluded spots and roads less travelled.



Discover and Unearth:

• Why South Africa is a melting pot with artisanal legacies from the East. Experience things vibrant in design and precious in quality.

• How design, art and craft are providing a third way between entrepreneurship and aid.

• The country's cosmopolitan essence and breathtaking beauty, its blend of cultures, cuisines, heritage and history.


This Program Is For:

• Anyone with an interest in the arts, whether a passionate hobbyist or a professional artist, part- or full-time.

• Anyone with an interest in South Africa and especially its people, art, culture,  rich heritage, or wildlife.

"We had such a good time in Cuba! WTE did a great job putting it together, our only complaint was too action-packed & too much good food. We had V.I.P entrees to so many arts organizations & met fascinating artists, not to mention seeing all of the beautiful colonial historic sites. Count me in for the next adventure..."
- - Kelly Lyles, Seattle

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Explore South Africa like an insider! Meet informative experts who mix on-site explanations with off-site conversation. If you love the arts and long to travel with an intimate group of like-minded people, this private and exclusive exploration of South Africa with a Seattle-based artist Kelly Lyles was made for you!

In Cape Town, take in its landmark locations and breathtaking beauty, private art collections, studios of seminal artists & top creative hubs, and experience one of its top art events - the 7th Annual Arts Fair. In The Winelands, visit homesteads with gabled gems, über chic estates with sculpture-filled gardens. In Johannesburg get the taste of the city's cosmopolitan mix, shape of its skyline, standout galleries and high-end culture hub like Nirox.

This is a one-time opportunity, with only 6 spots available!



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