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Lead an Exchange to Cuba or China

I wanted to thank you for the excellent experience that you offered me during the Food Professionals Exchange to China in November. Your wonderful program enabled me learn about the Chinese culture and expand my culinary knowledge. In addition, this fabulous program awarded me the opportunity to enlarge my networking circle.

As a result, I am now implementing what I learned during this program in my job. I feel that I can be more successful in my career using the techniques of the oriental cuisine. The approaches to high oriental gastronomy that the Chinese Chef use is unique and the way that you designed the program making every experience so intimate made a real difference.

Maricruz de Aza, Banquet Supervisor, Dolce International

The primary goal of WTE’s Professional and Cultural Exchange Programs to Cuba or China is to arrange individual and small-team workplace visits for businesses, professional associations, organizations and individuals. We grant professionals with similar backgrounds and interest the opportunity to meet with their foreign counterparts on both professional and personal level, to exchange information and ideas, gain cultural advantage, explore opportunities in a welcoming environment, meet the decision makers, and generate business and lasting relationships.

The exchanges take place in businesses, colleges and universities, art schools, museums, galleries, and professional institutes, among others. Tailored to your needs, the exchanges will help in facilitating the development of new business, educational and cultural opportunities, and establishing personal friendships.

You will have ample opportunity to exchange ideas and information with your Cuban or Chinese counterparts through organized professional meetings, informal gatherings, and one-on-one dialogues in a variety of facilities and institutions. Often your exchanges will take place in private homes and studios. Every program provides an overview of Cuban or Chinese culture and professions, with opportunities to return at a later date for more comprehensive exchanges. In China, separate programs of a sightseeing nature might be arranged for accompanying guests who do not wish to attend the professional exchange functions.

Deluxe accommodations and dining facilities will be reserved for your comfort. You will experience the history, culture, traditions, antiquity, and hospitality of the local people in safe, exotic, and exciting surroundings.

If you are interested in leading a Professional and Cultural Exchange, please contact us to learn about the responsibilities and benefits of a program leader.