IF you love yoga and long to visit Cuba with an intimate group of like-minded people, this private and exclusive yoga exploration of Cuba with Bibi McGill, an internationally acclaimed musician and a yoga teacher, was made for you!

Cuba is the new sought-after port of call, full of brilliant colors, astonishing sights and fascinating people. Imagine yourself in the breathtaking natural areas, chatting
with the people in their vital bonds of indelible friendship... experiencing the rhythm of Cuba's Afro-Cuban Son music, and renewing your spirit in colorful Havana with powerful yoga sessions. Or better yet! Join us, and live the reality!

Embrace Your Intuitive Freedom.
The Perfect


Before Things Change:

•  Explore Cubarelaxing and practicing yoga with an internationally acclaimed teacher, Bibi McGill. Experience yoga under the guidance of Eduardo Pimentel, the father of Cuban yoga.

• Visit Cuba's pristine and spiritual sites. Get enchanted by the most imaginative Cuban art while visiting artist communities.

• Interact with locals both in Havana and Cuba’s countryside and get to know Cuba through close encounters with its people.

Experience the rhythm of Cuba’s soul in its immensely rich Afro-Cuban Son music.

• Dine in the best Paladars Cuba has to offer.

• Spend a night on an uninhabited island, with sunrise and sunset yoga sessions on warm, white-sand beaches.

"We had such a good time in Cuba! WTE did a great job putting it together; our only complaint was too much good food. Count me in for the next adventure..."  - - Kelly Lyles, Seattle


Bibi McGill

• Bibi McGill defies the mold! The Portland, OR based musical director of Suga Mama (Beyoncé's ten-piece, all-female band) is not your typical rock star guitarist - she's also an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher.

• Bibi offers a practice that challenges the body, activates growth and acknowledges that each and every individual has boundaries that deserve respect.

• A prolific musician, Bibi infuses her classes with sacred sound, incorporating mantra, kirtan and playlists of ambient, world, hypnotic and electronic beats.

• An expert in pranayama, mudra and meditation, Bibi's calm and nurturing instruction delivers a healing experience that brings balance to the entire being as she leads vinyasa flow classes, ecstatic dance workshops and Chinese tea ceremonies.



Yoga Sessions With Bibi:

• Enjoy daily yoga practice in addition to a more gentle class during the evening. 

• Sessions are structured to set a tone that assists you in claiming focus and achieving a centeredness, not only in your yoga practice, but in all aspects of your life.

• Explore yogic techniques that encourage you to be led by your intuitive nature, rather than your analytical, logical one.

• Challenge yourself to push through your physical and mental limitations as you get out of your head and into your heart.

This program is for anyone with an interest in yoga, whether a novice or a passionate long-time practitioner.

• Yoga classes are held both in the private house and hotels where you'll be staying, as well as on Cuba's marvelous beaches or lush parks.

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With dozens of US commercial flights opening later this year, the long-forbidden, marvelous island will get a lot more crowded, and due to high demand, a lot less accessible!
Don’t miss this unique and eye-opening opportunity to experience Cuba before it changes forever, while doing what makes you feel good - practicing yoga in an intimate setting, living your intuitive freedom! 
This one-time opportunity is limited to 12 guests only!



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This program has been carefully researched and organized by WTE, Inc. as a People-to-People Educational Exchange compliant with OFAC General License for travel to Cuba, 31 CFR § 515.565(b). Travel to Cuba legally!

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