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Professional & People-to-People Exchanges

SPIRIT OF CUBA: Visual Arts, Feminism, Spirituality, And Culture of Cuba (October 5-11, 2017)
Date: 22 Feb 2016
VIEW DETAILED PROGRAM INFORMATION HERE. Join WTE, Inc. and Arizona artist Felicitas Sokec in Cuba! The program will provide ample opportunities to meet and interact with Cuban artists, chat with the locals both in Havana......

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Photograph Cuba (April 21-29, 2017)
Date: 23 Aug 2016
View extensive program details, costs, and registration information. WTE, Inc. and Seattle artists Ray Pfortner and Nancy Wing return to Cuba for another amazing photo opportunity! The program will provide ample opportunities......

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Ceramic Arts, Music and Culture of Cuba (April 7-15, 2017)
Date: 08 Sep 2016
View extensive program details, costs, and registration information. Join WTE, Inc., and Seattle-based ceramic artist Carol Gouthro for a spring picture-perfect visit to Cuba. If you like to explore the unforgettable......

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Arts, Music and Culture of Cuba (March 17-25, 2017)
Date: 05 Sep 2016
View extensive program details, costs, and registration information. WTE, Inc. and Seattle artist Kelly Lyles return to Cuba for another amazing artist opportunity! The program will provide ample opportunities to meet......

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Explore Cuba’s Healthcare System (March 24-31, 2017)
Date: 28 Sep 2016
View extensive program details, costs, and registration information. If you're a healthcare professional eager to learn about Cuba's healthcare system, love the arts & music and long to visit Cuba with an intimate......

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Private & Exclusive Yoga Retreat to Cuba with Bibi McGill (1/27-2/5, 2017)
Date: 27 Jul 2016
View extensive program details, costs, and registration information. If you love yoga and long to visit Cuba with an intimate group of like-minded people, this private and exclusive yoga retreat was made for you! Bibi......

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We had such a good time in Cuba! WTE did a great job putting it together, our only complaint was too action-packed & too much good food. I loved the pace, since it was all such wonderful experiences there was very little that could have been cut out. We had V.I.P entrees to so many arts organizations & met fascinating artists, not to mention seeing all of the beautiful colonial historic sites. Count me in for the next adventure…

Kelly Lyles, Artist, Seattle

Private Trade & Business Missions to China

If you are looking for assistance in finding business partners in China, or for information on how to navigate the Chinese business world, look no further. WTE, Inc. will create custom designed trade missions and excursions for you.

WTE, Inc. will arrange for every aspect of your Private Trade & Business Mission: introductions to your Chinese counterparts and potential business partners; seminars and conferences; access to Chinese law experts; tours of cultural, industrial, and educational facilities; formal and informal professional meetings and meeting rooms; study tours; travel arrangements, hotels, meals, sightseeing, entertainment, and more. Interpreters and local guides can be provided to assist in the ease of communication and travel in China.

Everything from the arts and education to sports and commerce, WTE Inc. will provide the services you need to introduce you to your potential business partners. WTE, Inc. together with their Chinese counterpart take care of the details, while you sit back and enjoy your professional and cultural activities. Below is a sample of services we provide:

• Planning of your Private Trade & Business Mission
• Arranging meetings with your potential business partners in China
• Interpreters
• National and/or local guides
• Sightseeing
• Transportation while in China
• Entrance fees
• Detailed itinerary
• 4 and 5 star hotel accommodations and reservations
• Meals
• Airline arrangements
• Obtaining business invitation from China
• Obtaining Chinese Visa
• Alternate custom program for spouses and partners during your business meetings
• Medical and Travel Insurance.
• Orientation prior to departure to China and more

World Trade and Exchanges (WTE) has a major commitment to enabling culture-to-culture and business-to-business interaction between diverse peoples and organizations across the globe. We worked together for nine months to create a working relationship between elements of the business community in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and me. WTE had a vision regarding what “might” work. The outcomes were significant, and exceeded by a wide margin what I expected.

Handling administrative activities to make this happen was spotless. The level at which I entered the PRC was very high – again due to WTE’s significant relationships in both the public and private sectors of that country. WTE has been available to me for assistance since my return, and I’ve needed to consult with them to appropriately weave my way through that culture and its organizations. Again, thanks to WTE, proposals are being finished which may well result in emerging business relationships.

I attribute the success of my visit to the PRC to WTE’s sophisticated understanding of the PRC, substantive relationships with significant organizations and individuals, and willingness to invest in long-term relationships.

Robert Fahrer, Senior Vice President/Investment Officer, Wachovia Securities


With your vision and perseverance, in May 2004 I led a delegation of 16 artists, arts leaders and arts supporters from across Washington state on a 11-day cultural exchange and trade mission to China. The goal of our trip was to develop our knowledge of and appreciation for China’s cultural resources. With the generous and professional help of WTE, we were able to learn about China’s support for the arts and to begin to establish a network of contacts for supporting arts-related trade and exchanges.

Kris Tucker, Executive Director, Washington State Arts Commission
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Allison Clark
KC Economic Dev. Specialist
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Dow Constantine
King County Executive
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Yale Wong
Chairman, General Biodiesel, Inc.
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Shawn Wong
Professor, University of Washington
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Melanie Reynolds
Director, UW Business School
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Shuman & Edwards
Museum Professionals

A Word About WTE

World Trade and Exchanges, Inc. (WTE, Inc.) connects people in commerce, education, government and the arts around the globe. Access vital professional and cultural networks. Profit through our unique sphere of influence with:

• Personal introductions
• Cultural insights
• Individualized guidance

WTE, Inc. is recognized for connecting US professionals with their ideal foreign partners. We are committed to supporting your international endeavors, introducing you to key foreign counterparts. Our global networks offer a welcoming hand to those new to international ventures as well as seasoned professionals.

 We tailor our services to ensure your success through introductions to world business culture, high-level meetings, specialized seminars, cultural exposure, and exclusive behind-the-scenes opportunities.